Add Chakras To Your Photos With Rainbow Love App

Rainbow Love Yoga Girl App Chakras


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Rainbow Love Yoga Girl Chakras
ProYogaUSA - Chakras Photo
ProYogaUSA - Chakras Photo

Add Chakras To Your Photos With Rainbow Love App

Step 1:  Start with a great yoga photo.  We suggest a lotus pose, tree or mountain pose, with reverse prayer or any arm variation you like, with lots of blue sky or a beautiful natural landscape.  

Step 2:  Launch Rainbow Love App, select your photo as  the background and select "ART" to open Art Categories.  Scroll to CHAKRA category.  Tap art to add it to your photo.

Step 3:  After selecting your Chakra Art - touch art to move it and align it with your photo.  Tap art to open editing tools and adjust the size, transparency, and rotation of the Chakra Art. 

Step 4:  For creating picture perfect Yoga Chakra Photos, play with the app's background image editor to create more contrast between your image and the chakra art, also try layering two or more chakras on your photo.  You can also use Rainbow Love's NEW filters to enhance, brighten, colorize, or add rainbows, moons, sparkle or florals to your photo.   

Step 5:  Once you have the perfect Chakras for your image, you can also add additional art, (find yoga quotes in the Yoga Art category or use our text editor to add your own inspiring message.