Rainbow Love App's FILTER EDITOR allows you to add up to 72 colorful photos to your photos.   On the FILTER EDITOR screen you can access the following:

USER GUIDE:  In-app help guide including app shortcuts, how to's and more.  

PREVIEW FILTERS:  Scroll and tap any filter along the bottom of the background image to preview the filter on your photo.


1) To apply a filter to your photo, select "Save Filter."

2) You can then tap to select other filters to preview them on your photo with your previously saved filter.  

3) Tap any filter to edit it - you can reduce INTENSITY and ROTATE filters. 

4) To REMOVE filter, tap to select it and the "Save Filter" option will change to "Remove Filter"

PLEASE NOTE:  Our FILTERS will not show up on WHITE or BLACK background images.  If a filter you like is not showing up on your photo, select "Save Filter" and then "DONE" at top right to return to the main editor.  Select "Background Image Editor" and try adjusting BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST and SATURATION of our photo to create different photo effects of the filter.  You can return to the FILTERS editor and continue to preview, apply, and remove FILTERS. 

For advanced tips on editing with Rainbow Love visit our BLOG here


To Move Art / Text:

Touch and slide

To Edit Art / Text:

Double-Tap Art or Text to open editing tools

To Delete Art / Text:

Touch and hold 2-seconds, or touch and slide object off screen

To Add Additional Text:

Tap any blank area on background image, then select "Add Text" or Pencil Icon

To Copy a Art / Text Object:

Double-Tap object, select Layer Tools and then choose "COPY"

Access Your Recently Used Art:

Select "Add +ART" and scroll to top of the ART CATEGORIES window to access your Recently Used Art.

To Close Art Category Window:

Double-Tap any art or text already added to your image, or tap the left edge of the ART CATEGORY window.

To Add Multiple Pieces of Art At The Same Time:

Select any art category, tap each piece of art you like and it will land on your background image, once on your image to tap to select and move the art or double tap the art to edit it.  To move layers forward and back, use the LAYER TOOLS.

To Restore Past Purchases:

Select "Bolt" icon at top right of editor to access Main Menu, and select "RESTORE PURCHASE" and provide your Apple ID and Password.

Don't forget you can access our in-app USER GUIDE in the app for more tips and editing guides. 


Here is a screen shot of our FILTER EDITOR which shows tools available when applying Rainbow Love App Filters. 


The Art & Text Menu Bar offers the following options:

USER GUIDE:  In-app help guide including app shortcuts, how to's and more.  

MENU BAR (displayed above editing tool, "SIZE" is the default tool for all art/text objects)


Allows you to add new text object or to editing existing text object.  

1) To edit existing text, double-tap to edit

2) To add new text, double-tap on area of photo where there is no text, then select the pencil icon.

FONT: Choose a font.  Will apply to all text in your text object.  To use different fonts, add new text objects (see above).

ALIGN TEXT:  Allows you to adjust alignment, spacing between characters and rows.

TEXT COLOR:  Select text color, and/or apply highlight color.  To adjust height of highlight color use the Align Text Vertical Spacing adjuster. 

SIZE:  Adjusts size of art or text object

ROTATE:  Rotate art or text object. 

BLEND ART:  Reduce transparency of art or text object

LAYER TOOLS:  Offers the following options

1) Copy and duplicate an art or text object. 

2) Flip (L/R or U/D) art or text object (great for mirror effects.

3) Move existing art and text layers forwards or backwards to avoid overlapping.

4) Delete art or text object.  (You can also delete or "remove" art or text by touching it and sliding it up and off your screen - this is the quickest way). 


Here's a useful list of shortcuts to help you navigate and edit through Rainbow Love App Quicker.


Here is a screen shot of our ART & TEXT editing bar, which will be available to users when either ART or TEXT OBJECT is double-tapped, or if the Edit Art/Text Tool is selected from the MAIN EDITOR.   

Rainbow Love App allows you to apply filters to your photos and add art, rainbows and text to any image.  


Here is a screen shot of our main editor which shows all the main functions of our App. 

After selecting your background image, you will land on our MAIN EDITOR screen which offers the following options:

USER GUIDE:  In-app help guide including app shortcuts, how to's and more.  

MENU BAR (Along Bottom of Screen)

APPLY FILTER:  Launches Filters. Apply and blend photo filters to your photo.

ADD TEXT:  Write on your photo.

ADD ART: Photo Art - Choose from 18 categories and 1,000+ pieces of art

ADD LAYER:  Upload your own photo, art or logo to your photo

EDIT ART & TEXT:  Adjust color, transparency, rotation, layer order of Art/Text.

GRID GUIDE:  This applies a grid to your photo to help you center and align art while editing. It will not save with your photo. 

ADJUST BACKGROUND IMAGE:  Adjust your brightness, contrast, saturation of your photo. 

CHANGE BACKGROUND IMAGE:  Select a different photo or background to edit. 

SAVE & SHARE:  Saving and sharing options for your creation. 

In the screenshot displayed with editor guide, the following edits were made using Rainbow Love App:


1)  5 Rainbow Filter 

2)  13 Moon Filter 

3) 12 Dreamy Filter

"LOVE IS THE BEAUTY OF THE SOUL" QUOTE ART from BOHO Art Category, after selecting "+ ART"