3.  ACCESS FILTERS ART CATEGORY (use the rainbow icon to open art window) - Scroll down through the category to find all our shining moon filters, and moon phase art.   You'll see two sets of moons in the FILTERS category. The first set are moon and pink colored and have no "shine"  (but instead crisp edges).  The second set are all the way at the bottom and come in a few different color options and all of these have a little bit of shine to them.  If you use the Background image editor to darken your photo the shining moon art objects will appear to "shine" more.  So play with it.

4.  Once you finalize your image, use the envelope icon at the end of the editing bar below to save your photo.  

 For more tips and visit our app editing guide here:

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Rainbow Love App was created by @RainbowLoveYogaGirl a RYT 200 Yoga Instructor and lover of art, color, fun and happiness. Rainbow Love App can be used for personal use or to promote your business, practice or passions.  

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Add Shining Moons, Moon Filters & Moon Phases To Your Photos 

Rainbow Love App
Rainbow Love App Deluxe

Of course you want to add to add moons to your photos!   Here's our guide! 

1.  Rainbow Love App LOVES photos with LOTS of blue sky!  So start with a great photo.  Whether you're at the beach, mountains or the park, you'll need your photographer to get down on one or two knees and take the shot from a"below" you (or your main object); and then shoot the picture at an up angle.  This will help you get more sky and less foreground in your photo.  Ideally, the horizon line should be at the half way mark of the photo or below and lower is better.  This can be tricky... but it can be done!

2.  Consider editing your photo first.  Rainbow Love App has a photo or image editor you can use free to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation or turn your photo black and white.   To launch this tool, use this "geometrical / flower" icon (highlighted below). Adjusting your base image can help to create a great glowing effect, especially with our moon filters.