Make Colorful Quote Cards With Rainbow Love App

Share positivity, daily inspiration and uplifting messages with Rainbow Love App's free quote cards.

To begin launch Rainbow Love App  and browse our blank card categories for a pattern or design you like.  

You can choose from a pre-made design or make your own! 

After selecting a card, select add text to launch the text editor.

Type or paste in your quote or expression.  The default color will be grey.  From here you can select from over 50 fonts, font color, text highlight color and alignment options.


If you'd like more white space or the option to frame your text or quote, select a blank card and choose "add art" to launch the art editor.  Go to the TEXT SPACE art category to find borders, frames and white space for your text.  You can add multiple pieces of art and then tap one to move it or edit the size, rotation and transparency of the art object.   

For more help with on our editing tools - please see our app editing guide here.

Download Rainbow Love App Here