Add a Rainbow to your photo?  You know you want to!  Here are our tips for making the best Rainbow Photos ever using Rainbow Love App.

Start by taking a great photo.  At the beach, at the pool, at the park, the lake, a baseball game... wherever you are!  Spread your arms nice and wide, lift up through your chest and set your gaze forward.  Make sure your photographer gets LOTS of BLUE sky and get your hands up and over the horizon.  They may have to take the shot from a down angle so ask them to get down on a knee for you.. because this is important.  Notice in all of our photos we show here that the horizon is closer to the bottom of the photo.


Edit your photo.  Launch Rainbow Love App and select your photo.  Use the background image photo editing controls (third in from the right) to adjust your photo to make it look the way you want it - You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation or even turn your photo black and white using Rainbow Love App. 

Add Rainbows To Your Yoga Photos With Rainbow Love App

Selecting A Rainbow.  Once you have your photo just that you like it, select the Rainbow icon to add art.  Select the RAINBOW LOVE art category for our selection of Rainbows.   We have different styles of rainbows, different colors, shades and sizes to work with all sorts of photos, as you scroll through the Rainbow Category tap any rainbow that you think will work well with your photo.  (For this image - we used the rainbows at the very bottom of the category.)  Once you've selected all the Rainbows you like - you can individually resize them and edit them (rotate, adjust transparency, size, flip them or copy them), to see which one works best.  When you find the one... you can just move all the others off your iimage (use your finger to move any unwanted art up and off your screen) and save!!

Save and Share.  Saving and sharing options include saving to your phone, texting, emailing or social media!  If you use Instagram --- share it to our gallery #RainbowLoveApp or send it to us from the Apps main menu to be featured in our App Gallery.  

Happy Rainbowing!  

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