1.  New and Improved Photography Backgrounds

From the home screen, select "our cards" to choose your background.  Then go to the PHOTOGRAPHY category to find a beautiful selection of tropical images perfect for adding inspiring quotes to.  

Quick Tips:

If there's not enough contrast between your text or art and the image, try any of the following.  

  1. Use the text highlight color, even black text in a white highlight in Didot or Old Style all caps font can look really great.
  2. Adjust the brightness, contrast or saturation of the image using the background editor (select the flower looking icon 3rd from the bottom right of the main editor)
  3. Add a BLACK filter and then reduce transparency.  (Use the first black square in Filters Art, enlarge it and then reduce the transparency to about 10%, also use the layering tools (bottom right of object editor to move layer back or underneath your text and art) 
  4. Use our TEXT SPACE art, select any design and then add art on top of it. 


Tap the Rainbow icon to add art and check out our new and improved TEXT SPACE category.  Use these designs as an overlay to any image, reposition, and adjust size and then proceed adding art or text.  With our new water colored confetti designs, these can be really great for longer quotes, announcements, Monday mantras or making invitations.

Have fun creating and magic and inspo this week with Rainbow Love App!  Share your inspo and positivity with us and your friends on social media, tag us using @RainbowLoveApp We LOOOOOOVE to share!

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Since you love adding quotes and inspo to your photos and our art cards, we love helping you make it prettier!  In our ALL NEW BORDERS art category find borders and frames that can be used for framing quotes, art and text or photos.  All 40+ designs are available in a black or white version and we have more to come!  

New Fresh Art in Rainbow Love App 

September 26, 2016

Look for lots of new art and designs for your photo-editing pleasure in Rainbow Love App! 

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