Easily create this vintage moon phase photo edit on your photos with Rainbow Love App's new photo filters.  

To get started download Rainbow Love App Lite or Rainbow Love App Deluxe on iTunes. 

To learn more about the difference in pricing and features visit our LITE OR DELUXE PAGE here

In a nutshell we recommend Rainbow Love Lite for trial and limited features, and Rainbow Love Deluxe for all the features at the best value. 

Step 1:  Select Your Photo

Launch Rainbow Love App, and select a photo from your photo album as your background image.  This will automatically launch the photo editor.

Step 2:  Reduce Saturation of Your Photo

Tap the "Edit Background Image" editor.  It is the 3rd floral icon along the bottom of the main editing menu.  Tap on the gradient square in the middle and then slide the toggle all the way to left to reduce saturation to 0%.  Select "SAVE" at top right of your screen and return to main editor. 

Step 3: Add Rainbow Love Photo Filters 

These filters must be applied in the following order.  So start scrolling the filter preview bar to the right.

Base Layer:  Earth Filter 1 - hit "save filter" at bottom right to apply

Second Layer:  Moon Filter 6 - hit "save filter" at bottom right to apply

Third Layer:  Moon Filter 7 - hit "save filter" at bottom right to apply

To save all filters select "DONE" at top right of screen to return to the main editor. 

Step 4:  Adjust Brightness and Contrast (Optional) 

Depending on the brightness of your photo, you may need to adjust brightness and / or contrast of your original photo to perfect the look that you want on your photo.  To do this return to Background Image Editor, used in step 2 to reduce saturation

Step 5:  Save and Share

Once all of your edits are complete, use the "envelope icon" at the bottom right of the editor menu bar to select your saving and sharing options.  Want to be featured on our Instagram?  Use #RainbowLoveApp so we see in our gallery, we love to share! 

Need more help with Rainbow Love App?  

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