Step 10 - Save and / or Share using the envelope icon at the bottom right!  

Step 9 - Add Text and Art over your photo (If you'd like!)  The pencil and paper let's you type and add text, the Rainbow icon opens the art category window.  The flower is in collage art category. 

How To Use Rainbow Love App To Create White Space Around Your Photos

Step 7 - Turn on the grid guide to help you center your photo in your white space. (it will not save in your output image and you can turn it off by tapping the tool button a second time.

Step 2 - In "Blank Designs" Select the plain white background

Step 5 - Select any of your photos or take one with your camera!  

Step 3 - Select Add Art or Add Text to Launch Image Editor

Rainbow Love App was created by @RainbowLoveYogaGirl a RYT 200 Yoga Instructor and lover of art, color, fun and happiness. Rainbow Love App can be used for personal use or to promote your business, practice or passions.  

To get Rainbow Love App Click here.

To get Rainbow Love Deluxe Click here.  RECCOMMENDED - LEARN WHY HERE

Step 6 - Crop your photo into a square or rectangle shape before adding it to your white background.  

Step 1 - Select "Our Cards" To Choose a White Background

And Voila!  There you have it!  What else can you do with the add layer tool?  

  • Add multiple photos to one background to create a collage  (see image below) 

  • Add your logo to any image or creation made with Rainbow Love App - Guide Here

  • Blend photos by adjust the transparency of each photo

Step 8 - Double Tap your photo to launch the art editor and adjust size, rotation, transparency, and flip your photo.  

Step 4 - Select The "Add Layer" Tool (This is a one-time $0.99 fee in the LITE version of Rainbow Love App for unlimited use).